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The Complete Savorist

Welcome to my website and blog.  My name is Michelle De La Cerda.  I’ve had a passion for cooking ever since I was a young girl.  Both grandmothers are fantastic cooks and shared their talents with me.  I am a bit of this, a bit of that type cook.  Additionally, I love to write.  So I felt why not create a place where I can write about food.  I’ve had a long and sordid relationship with food over the years, details of which are located in the about me section.  I’ve had gastric bypass surgery and so my recipes tend to favor high protein and veggies, but a low carb profile.  However, I still indulge in the forbidden carbs from time to time.

I plan to use this format to do some personal writing. Share some of my stories, but mostly as a format to share my cooking and my food. I also enjoy dining out and learning about the culinary scene in my own area, so from time to time I will feature restaurants and events from my own area, like my article on my 10 Favorite Cache Valley Eats.  Or when I am lucky to do so, my culinary adventures while traveling.



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